Region Storage – production of warehouse equipment for storing and transporting goods
Region Storage Company specializes in manufacturing warehouse equipment for storing and transporting goods. Our main products are platform trolleys and load carts of various design, which allow for significant simplification of logistic processes and can be used in a warehouse of the enterprises of any nature of business.
Advantages of the company
Large modern production
Region Storage is thousands of square meters of production, where we manufacture metal components, weld them into one-piece structures, paint, package and deliver to the warehouse. We supply our products to our clients throughout Russia, to neighboring countries and Europe.
Continuous development
Having released a quality product once, we keep on going! At Region Storage, we purchase new machines and upgrade existing ones. We accept feedback and comments from our clients, therefore we are constantly working on improving our products, making them more handy and durable.
Great opportunities for beneficial cooperation
Our general-purpose models of warehouse equipment does not cost much, however, its performance capabilities conform to the highest world standards. We work wholesale and retail. Our managers prepare customized attractive offers for each client.
Wide dealership network
We work with more than 300 companies throughout Russia, in Azerbaijan, Poland, Armenia and other states. We keep on pushing back the limits, and bring Region Storage products even closer to end users.
Some figures
Dynamics of production growth

Region Storage products mean your infinite opportunities
High quality of standard equipment

Region Storage series products include more than 60 items of warehouse and service equipment for any task. Flatbed trolleys are made only of highest-quality metal; there are also corrosion-resistant models, as well as all-stainless steel. Most products are coated with polymer powder paint, which increases service life and enhance performance of the products.

Readiness to perform customized projects

We manufacture not only standard carts and racks, but also work with customers' projects. You can purchase equipment that is perfect for the size of your premises and for your needs: caged and flatbed trolleys, carts with off-standard-sized wheels, open-base carts, etc. Our professionals from Design Engineering Department and Non-Standard Design Department will help to design items that you need to achieve your goals.


Our partners
Among the partners of Region Storage are leading sellers in the warehouse equipment market.
RS product quality is acknowledged by our major customers:
Beneficial cooperation!
In our work with dealers, we aim to build up long-lasting relationships based on equality, fair and bona fide partnership, as well as protection of mutual interests.
  • Region Storage is a brand that has proved itself to be a reliable supplier of high-quality warehouse equipment. The status of the company's authorized dealer will boost your profile and strengthen your credibility in the market, and foster customer loyality.
  • Our quality products are certified and patented (in Germany).
  • Favorable chain-free prices, no restrictions to retail margins. Possibility to purchase products at customized pricing. High product marginality.
  • Reliability of delivery schedules. Delivery of goods in any way convenient for you.
  • Possibile commercial lending.
  • We provide partners with media materials for advertising, as well as technical and information documents on the products.
  • The status of the exclusive distributor in your region.
  • Each dealer is assigned to an account manager from Region Storage Company.
    Want to become Region Storage dealer?
    We look for ambitious and collective-success targeted partners!
    We are looking to cooperate with companies in tandem with which we will establish successful sales points in local markets. Join the team of Region Storage dealers. Create your own prosperous company that will provide customers with quality products for equipping warehouses at reasonable prices.
    A company that wishes to become a Region Storage dealer should satisfy a number of requirements:
    • Financial solvency and market goodwill.
    • The sales office is located in a region where the Region Storage brand is not yet presented (or poorly presented).
    • A potential partner understands the specific features of warehouse products and is an expert in this industry.
    • Availability of the office and personnel for training
    • Partner's business is insured.
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